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Robot's First Day of School

It’s Robot’s first day of school. Help him feel comfortable on his first day!
Today is the first day of school for Robot. He’s really nervous. He has math class, art class, and recess today, but he’s never done any of them before. Have you? Trying new things can sometimes be scary, but once you try something new, you’ll see that it can be interesting and you might just be really great at it! See what Robot’s first day of school is like in this interactive story and make thoughtful choices to help Robot feel more comfortable!
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Hi! It’s my first day of school today. I’m feeling nervous. What if I don’t know anything? “Don’t worry. Just give school a try.” Dad says to take something from home to make me feel less nervous. Should I take a star, a heart, or a rainbow? My first class is math. Will you try it with me? Should we fill in the numbers, make shapes, or add? Wow! I liked doing math. Now it’s time for art class. I haven’t made a lot of art before. But I can try, right? Should we paint, make something with clay, or cut paper? I am more artistic than I thought! I liked art class. Now it’s time for recess! That’s when we get to play outside. Do you want to play with me? Should we play on the jungle gym, the slide, or the swing? I loved recess! And I love school. I could do so much, and I learned some things too. Look! Here comes Dad. “I’m so proud of you on your first day. I have a present for you.” Which one should I open?
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