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New Study Shows Homer Nearly Doubles Reading Scores*

In a recent study conducted by the former US Assistant Secretary of Education, students who used Homer for 15 minutes a day over a 6-week period nearly doubled their scores on the TOPEL (Test of Preschool Early Literacy), a leading predictor of future reading and academic success.

The Homer Method:
A Step-By-Step Program That Really Works

Sounds to
Letters to
Words to
Ideas to
“Learn with Homer is the perfect resource for pre-school students and pre-readers. It models proper sounds, introduces phonemic awareness and phonics, and helps get every child kindergarten ready.” - Kelli S., Nashville, TN

Learning is a Science.
We’ve Done the Research.

22 levels. Over 1,000 lessons and activities. The most comprehensive, best-in-class literacy program on iPad for ages 3-8.

Learn to Read, Step by Step

We’ve brought together the best research about how children learn to read and designed a program that grows with them. We start with the basics—sounds and letters—then guide children along a personalized path to mastery. Our rich library of stories and folktales, science and history adventures, songs and rhymes, all reinforce Learn with Homer’s core reading program.

Over 1 million children around the world are building competence and confidence with Learn with Homer. Join Homer and give your child the very best start on the path to true literacy.

Don’t Take Our Word For it. See What Our Fans Have to Say.

Learn with Homer reviewer: Stella J.

What I love the most about it is just how global the lessons are; My daughter was tickled pink to read a fable from the Philippines (where mom and dad grew up)!

-Stella J., Albuquerque, NM.
Learn with Homer reviewer: Linda M.

I was thrilled to see your latest offering. My daughter was excited when she saw me logging into the site... Thanks for what you are doing!

-Linda M., Abu Dhabi, UAE
Learn with Homer reviewer: Tony K.

My daughter is hooked on Homer, and she was hooked instantly.

-Tony K., State College, PA
Learn with Homer reviewer: Luisa H.

I have had nothing but great experiences and assistance with my account, and I can't thank you enough. Homer is a wonderful company with impeccable customer service.

-Luisa H., USA
Learn with Homer reviewer: Ellen L.

My daughter is always telling me something new and when I ask her where she learned it, she almost always says, "The Homer game!" Please keep up with the great work!

-Ellen L., Hong Kong, China
Learn with Homer reviewer: Ann L.

My son has gathered up so much information, it's incredible...Homer is the best app I have ever purchased for my kids.

-Ann L., Framingham, MA
Learn with Homer reviewer: Kelli S.

Learn with Homer is the perfect resource...It models proper sounds, introduces phonemic awareness and phonics, and helps get every child kindergarten ready.

-Kelli S., Nashville, TN
Learn with Homer reviewer: Taylinn P.

My favorite is Story Time. Folk songs are awesome! I love singing!

-Taylinn P., 6
Learn with Homer reviewer: Nichol P.

My daughter loves Learn with Homer! She loves the songs and is very happy when she gets a new hat and loves seeing her artwork saved...She never gets bored!!

-Nichol P., New York, NY
Learn with Homer reviewer: Pam K., Triple Threat Mommy Blog

Homer is like a hundred apps all in one. There is so much to do, she never gets bored!

-Pam K., Triple Threat Mommy Blog, New York, NY
Learn with Homer reviewer: Julie R.

I wish this were around when I spent all that money sending my oldest to Kumon. So grateful my younger son has Homer as a reading resource!

-Julie R., United States
Learn with Homer reviewer: Kelli N.

Learn with Homer has been a dream to use in the classroom...Homer is reliable and more engaging [than my basal curriculum].

-Kelli N., Merkel, TX
Learn with Homer reviewer: Boone M.

I want the pigeon to help me learn to read.

-Boone M., 4
Learn with Homer reviewer: Boyd S.

So many of the apps I come across lack depth and quickly become monotonous...Now Homer is the only children's app on my iPad and my daughter is enthralled!

-Boyd S., Springwood, New South Wales, Australia
Learn with Homer reviewer: Barbie R.

I love this app. I have 3 boys, ages 5, 3.5 and 1. My oldest has dramatically improved in school, not just in reading, but in attention and love of learning.

-Barbie R., Ontario, CA
Learn with Homer reviewer: Jess K.

I can't tell you how much my daughter and I love your app! Thank you for making such a great reading app, packed with facts across many subjects!! It's amazing!

-Jess K., United States
Learn with Homer reviewer: Monica B

Learning with Homer is a powerful literacy tool! It definitely stands out from other early childhood apps because of its comprehensive content and engaging platform.

-Monica B, New York, NY
Learn with Homer reviewer: Indy S.

I read my first two books EVER with Homer. I love it! It's even better than TV.

-Indy S., 5
Learn with Homer reviewer: David F.

My 4 year old son, Dylan, loves this app, he’s been digging into it, deeper and deeper, and it’s great to see him so engaged with such a strong app.

-David F., Philadelphia, PA
Learn with Homer reviewer: Aleksandra V.

I have looked for a well drawn application that could be both educational and entertaining...I was thrilled to find a product like yours, I am now a big fan.

-Aleksandra V., Moscow, Russia
Learn with Homer reviewer: Kenneth H.

Best learning program ever, my five year old just looovvves it.

-Kenneth H., Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
Learn with Homer reviewer: Ruth & Isai S.

My husband and I are teachers; we are very critical of educational apps. Usually we are disappointed with our purchases. But we love Learn With Homer!

-Ruth & Isai S., New York, NY
Learn with Homer reviewer: Catherine R.

As a former preschool teacher and current mom to a four-year-old, I love your app so much. The reading lessons have pushed my daughter beyond what I dreamed at her age.

-Catherine R., Grand Rapids, MI
Learn with Homer reviewer: Nicole W.

We love Homer! As a teacher who trained in reading and literacy, Homer is a fun, interactive, and effective learning tool that reinforces beginning reading skills.

-Nicole W., Mexico, NY
Learn with Homer reviewer: David W.

We downloaded Homer on our iPad and the grandkids love it! Tommy 6 in K started talking about Presidents and Tenley 4 in PreSchool loved recording her voice!

-David W., Bloomington, IL
Learn with Homer reviewer: D.S.

We downloaded Homer on our iPad and the grandkids love it! Tommy 6 in K started talking about Presidents and Tenley 4 in PreSchool loved recording her voice!

-D.S., New York, NY
Learn with Homer reviewer: Lindsey H.

My daughter was having trouble in school and this app has helped her immensely! If I could only have one app for iPad this would be it!

-Lindsey H., Kingsville, TX
Learn with Homer reviewer: Laura Q.

As a professor of education and the mother of a 3 1/2 year old daughter, I can say on two fronts that Homer is priceless in the development of early literacy.

-Laura Q., Augusta, GA
Learn with Homer reviewer: Barbara D.

This is the best app I have found. My 5 year old grandson loves it and I don't mind him playing with it because it is so beneficial. The poetry choices are excellent.

-Barbara D., Seattle, WA
Learn with Homer reviewer: Yvette W. and the Leveled Literacy Intervention Team

On behalf of the whole L.L.I. team at Beginning with Children Charter School, we want to say that the Learn with Homer app is absolutely amazing.

-Yvette W. and the Leveled Literacy Intervention Team, Brooklyn, NY
Learn with Homer reviewer: Teresa Miller

My students use Homer 10 minutes every day and are advancing faster than their peers.

-Teresa Miller, Happy, KY
Learn with Homer reviewer: @BodoHoenen

@LearnWithHomer awesome work you guys are doing! well done!

Learn with Homer reviewer: @askerbirds

Birdblog: Learn with Homer, my personal choice in teaching my kid to read. @LearnWithHomer #education #reading

Learn with Homer reviewer: @PTPA

We're so excited! @LearnWithHomer is a @PTPA Winner! The First Comprehensive Reading Program for the iPad®& crafted by Top Literacy Experts

Learn with Homer reviewer: @MindprintLearn

We love 2. MT: App creatively teaches reading, science & art w/famous stories. @LearnWithHomer @nlttc Interview at

Learn with Homer reviewer: @chappytaco

I recommend @LearnwithHomer, the only comprehensive learn-to-read program for the iPad!

Learn with Homer reviewer: @marcowibisono

I recommend @LearnwithHomer, the only comprehensive learn-to-read program for the iPad!

Learn with Homer reviewer: @TerriBTraining

A well deserved award for @LearnWithHomer Parents’ Choice Award! Thanks @ReadPlayLearn!

Learn with Homer reviewer: ‏@tdustdar

@LearnWithHomer you are my favorite educational #app for my 5 year old - thanks for making learning so much fun!

Learn with Homer reviewer: @Jessie_Arora

@davidlee I'm a fan of @LearnWithHomer to teach foundational reading skills

Learn with Homer reviewer: @MrsMurphyyyyy

Son's FAV app @LearnWithHomer just had a great update with vowel review and FREE presidents pack!! beautiful!

Learn with Homer reviewer: @PE_Feeds

So @LearnWithHomer just had a massive update. Its home screen carousel = 1 of most beautiful designs I’ve ever seen in an app or ANYTHING.

Learn with Homer reviewer:  @marioarmstrong

. @SarahElyMC @TODAYshow @DrMommyCalls my favorites is a highly respected app @LearnWithHomer great for literacy #OrangeRoom

- @marioarmstrong

Learn to Read

A Learn-to-Read Method Proven to Get Your Child Ahead

Learn to Read: Modeling sounds in words
Watch Now

The Reading Curriculum Includes:

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Spelling
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • General Knowledge
  • Reading Comprehension
  • End-of-Lesson Quizzes
  • 100s of Step-by-Step Lessons
  • New Lessons Added Every Month

Learning to read is the most important thing a child will learn to do. Children who read well by 3rd grade do better in school—and even after—than children who don't master the basics early. Give your little one confidence. Give yourself peace of mind. Homer’s proven phonics method boosts reading ability by guiding children on a step-by-step path to learning success.

Discover the World

Learning through Adventures

Learning about about Pyramids in Egypt in Homer's Discover the World
Watch Now
  • Over 70 lessons teach more than 300 vocabulary words in context
  • Children build knowledge and deep understanding of complex subjects
  • Science and history lessons mirror top elementary programs
  • Assessments at the end of each lesson ensure mastery
  • Creative prompts encourage real-world use of vocabulary

With over 70 lessons that develop vocabulary and knowledge of science, history, and art, exploring the world has never been so much fun.

Adventures in History

History, Geography, and Biographies Build Big Brains!

Washington crossing the Delaware (with Homer's friend, Tutt Racoon®)
  • Dozens of important places and people
  • Fun facts that get children ready for Kindergarten and 1st grade
  • Customs, traditions and celebrations from across the globe
  • Exclusive looks inside New York City’s American Museum of Natural History and Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Your child will travel back in time—and across the globe—with Homer and friends. Learn more facts by exploring Ancient Worlds like Egypt, Greece and the Incan Civilization. Get to know great American Presidents like Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. Learn about brave heroes and heroines who have changed the world.

Story Time

Increase reading comprehension with 100s of read-aloud stories and early readers

Illustration: A Farm Picture, by Walt Whitman
Watch Now
  • Just-right First Readers for beginning independent reading
  • Dozens of classic fairytales, stories, folktales, fables, nursery rhymes and songs
  • Original read-along stories featuring Homer and Friends
  • Delightful songs that teach the alphabet, rhyming and other critical skills

With a robust library including folktales, fairytales, original stories, and first readers, you’ll have trouble pulling your child away from their next reading adventure.

Exclusive Extras from Learn with Homer

Printable Activities
Print a certificate for activities completed!

Keep on learning with our printed projects

  • Practice fine motor skills, including tracing and handwriting
  • Practice writing and composing stories
  • Great weekend craft projects
  • Coloring book pages
  • Mazes and puzzles
New Content
Butterscotch delivers new stories, games, and lessons every week!

Always innovative, always fresh

We’re constantly adding new activities, songs, games, and lessons. Your child will never run out of educational and amusing activities.

Track Progress
Track Learning Progress using Parent Tools on the Homer Website

It’s easy to see how much your child has learned

With our Parent Dashboard, you can always see just how much your child has grown. Track your child’s progress, review lessons, and reward your child for their hard work.

My First Story
First Reader (also called an Emergent or Decodable Reader)

Building our youngest readers’ confidence

If your child hasn’t started reading yet, Learn with Homer will teach them to begin reading for pleasure and fluency. Once they’re ready, we have just the right level of guided reading and content to lead them to the next exciting step on their journey to deep literacy.

Music and Rhymes

Building literacy through music

Esta sí que es Nochebuena, a folksong from Mexico
Watch Now
  • Wide variety of songs, nursery rhymes, and classic melodies
  • Children learn correct pronunciation and timing
  • Our Connected Learning focus links vocabulary between music and other lessons

Dozens of songs and rhymes from around the world expose your child to different cultures and to the rhythm and poetry of words.

Homer’s Drawboard

Encouraging creativity and self-expression

A child drawing at the end of a lesson on blue whales
  • Easy to use for kids of all ages
  • Unique drawing tools teach color and design
  • Parents can easily share with grandparents and other family and friends

Every 3 seconds, a child somewhere in the world is using Homer’s creative tools to explore what they have learned. Parents can view their child’s work and even share their masterpieces with friends and family.


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