Essential Learning for Ages 2-8

HOMER grows with your child on every step of their learning journey with a program personalized to their age, interests, and skill level.

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We recognize each child’s learning journey is different. Here’s an example of what your child might explore at each age!


Early Learner
Growing Learner
(FOR 2)

Personalized pathway that builds essential skills on one another—from letters and sounds to sight words, to eventually reading and spelling

Reading image
Exploring Letters
  • Recognizing letters as special symbols
  • Exposure to the alphabet
  • Identifying uppercase letters
Listening Skills
  • Hearing if words are the same or different
  • Introduction to rhymes
  • Exposure to the first sounds in words
Developing Language
  • Practicing new and familiar vocabulary
  • Stringing words together
  • Exposure to connecting spoken and written words
Engaging with Books
  • Early concepts of print
  • Introduction to different genres
  • Love of reading
(FOR 2)

Building blocks for math confidence: number recognition, counting, shapes, number operations and more

Math image
Developing Number Sense
  • Developing early number sense
  • Introduction to numerals
Discovering Shapes
  • Learning simple shape names
  • Identifying simple shapes
  • Creating with shapes
Thinking Mathematically
  • Developing math confidence
Practicing Counting
  • Verbal counting up to 10
  • Object counting up to 5
Exploring Spatial Concepts
  • Understanding spatial language (e.g., over, above, next to)
  • Understanding ordinal numbers (e.g., first, second, third)
Social & Emotional Learning
(FOR 2)

Identifying and reacting to emotions in themselves and others

Social & Emotional Learning image
Identifying Feelings
  • Naming common emotions: happy, sad, mad
Learning About Themselves
  • Recognizing themselves as a person with unique traits
  • Identifying likes, dislikes, and interests
Observing Social Skills
  • Learning about social situations from characters
Exploring Self-Expression
  • Expressing emotions through face, body, and voice
  • Open-ended and creative play
  • Exploring visual expression through art
Thinking Skills
(FOR 2)

Critical thinking, problem solving, and information processing to form new ideas

Thinking Skills image
Building Memory
  • Matching up to four hidden items of simple images (e.g., four animal cards)
Focusing on Focus
  • Following one-step instructions to complete tasks
Relating Learning to Life
  • Making connections between images and words
  • Making connections between objects and sounds
(FOR 2)

An open space for imagination and expression

Creativity image
Fostering Imagination
  • Pretend play
  • Imitating routines
  • Make-believe play
  • Dress-up
Introducing Storytelling
  • Story creation
Exploring Art
  • Visual art
  • Arts and crafts
  • Building and construction
  • Types of dance

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