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Robot and the Dinosaur Egg

Robot found a dinosaur egg. Your choices will help him find its mamma!
Robot goes back in time to see dinosaurs. Want to come along? Your thoughtful choices will help him go back in time, uncover a lost dinosaur egg, and help Robot find the egg’s mamma. He can’t do it without your help! Get ready to be creative, innovative, and adventurous in this interactive story!
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Does your child love dinosaurs? Enjoy dinosaur stories for preschoolers and toddlers including favorites like Danny the Dinosaur and Pterodactyl Tuxedo.
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Oh, hi! I was just on my way to go look for dinosaurs. Hey, do you want to come with me? There’s one thing we need to do first. We need to go back in time to find a dinosaur! Press a button to start my time machine. Whoa! We made it back to a long, long time ago. Now we should be able to find some dinosaurs. That sounded like a dinosaur. Let’s go look! Should we look in the cave, in the trees, or behind the rocks? Do you see any mama dinosaurs around here? Look! There are three of them! One of those dinosaurs might be this egg’s mother. To whom should we give the egg? Let’s look on the volcano to see if we can find Mrs. P. There she is—up there! Let’s yell and see if she can hear us. “Mrs. P! Mrs. P! We have your egg! We have your egg!” I don’t think she can hear us. We’ll have to take the egg up to her. But how? Should we climb up with my special sticky shoes, take my jet pack, or ask the big dinosaur to lift us up? What a ride! We made it up the volcano to Mrs. P. Let’s give the egg to her. “Mrs P! Does this egg belong to you?” “Yes! My egg! My baby! Oh, thank you for bringing it to me.” “Mama!” “Baby!” “So cute! A dinosaur baby!” “Thank you for taking care of my baby. Would you like to help me feed him? He eats plants.” Let’s get the baby dinosaur plants to eat! Should we give him sweet flowers, great big leaves, or leafy branches?
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