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All About Pandas

Giant pandas are cute bears. What else do you know about giant pandas?
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a giant panda? Meet Lin, the giant panda, and her cub, Chang. See where they live, what they do all day, and what makes them so special. Like, did you know they have more fingers than you do? And, have you ever seen a newborn panda before? They’re a lot smaller than you might think! You’ll even meet their cousin, the red panda! A lot of people think they both look like a bear and a cat, even though the red panda is a lot smaller than panda. Lin will even show you her scary face! Will you show her your scary face?
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Hello! I'm Lin and this is my baby, Chang. We are giant pandas. Chang is very hungry so we are looking for food to eat. Bamboo! It’s our favorite! We spend almost our whole day eating. Bamboo grows way up high in the mountains where we live. It’s cold up here! Pandas are the only bears that are black and white! Do you know why? It helps us hide in the forest when we’re looking for and eating bamboo! Who’s that I hear eating bamboo with us? A red panda! Did you know that red pandas and giant pandas are cousins, and we both eat bamboo? Well, I eat much more than a red panda. I’m a lot bigger! Now that we’ve eaten all the food here, Chang and I will look for bamboo somewhere else. But first I think I’ll take a nap. Goodbye!
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