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All About Firefighters

Firefighters are my heroes. Come along and find out why!
Have you ever wondered about what firefighters do? Come with me as I visit a fire station and learn more. Firefighters help people and sometimes put themselves in danger, so they are always very careful about what they do and how to do it—like wearing protective clothing that glows in the dark. And they slide down fire poles so they can get to a fire in a hurry. Read along in this interactive story to learn more about my heroes. Whee-o, whee-o, whee-o! Make way—fire truck coming through!
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I want to be a firefighter when I grow up. They are really brave. Let’s go on a trip to the fire station and learn what they do! Look at all the firefighters. They work together to take care of the fire station day and night. When the bells go off, they stop what they’re doing and get ready to save the day! Here are the firefighters’ lockers. This is where they put the clothes that keep them safe from fires. When the bells go off, they put on their clothes as fast as they can. Then the firefighters hurry to the fire engines. They always keep the engines ready to go! The firefighters show us how they use their fire hoses when they put out a fire. The water comes out very fast! They work together to hold on to the fire hose and point the water at a fire. When I get home, I pretend to be a firefighter. I’m going to practice with my toy hose until I can grow up and be a real firefighter. Stand back. Here comes the water!
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