The Homer Method™ | A New Collaboration for Children

Grounded in the best research on how children learn to read, the critically-acclaimed Homer Method™ builds confident readers who love to learn.

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The Homer Method™

Learning to read is the most challenging endeavor a young child will undertake in the early years. How well a child reads is also the biggest predictor of later academic success. Not all reading programs are created equal. The Homer Method™ guides children through the 4 proven steps to reading success—and it really works!

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    to Letters

    We start at the beginning, teaching the precise sounds and symbols of the English language.

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    to Words

    We help children master letter sounds individually, then put those sounds together to read and spell words.

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    to Ideas

    Children learn to read so they can read to learn. Homer builds the mental muscles to master both.

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    Ideas to

    Reading between the lines is crucial. We teach children how to move between the literal and figurative.