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Little Red Riding Hood

A timeless story about a girl headed to Grandma’s house and a very sneaky wolf.
Granny is sick, so Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit taking a basket of food. Wolf, though, sees Little Red, and he is determined to use every trick he can to get the basket of food for himself. It turns out, Wolf has a good reason for his trickery: he wants to help HIS grandmother! Here’s our novel take on a classic tale.
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“Hi! It’s me Little Red Riding Hood! Is this cape cool or what? My Granny made it for me. I love it so much I’m never going to take it off. I mean it.” “Little Red Riding Hood? Little Red? Oh! There you are. Granny is feeling sick so I made her a get-well basket full of food. Will you take it to her?” “Of course Mom. With me on the job Granny will bounce back in no time! “Mmmmm. Chicken noodle soup! This will warm Granny up! Whoops, I’m sploshing soup all over the place. Maybe I should put a lid on it before I go. Ready.” “Have a good walk and be careful. Call me when you get there.” “Ok Mom. I will. Skip n’ skip n’ skip n’ skip, to Granny’s house i go. Skip n’ skip n’ skip n’ skip, to Granny’s house i go. Skip n’ skip n’ skip n’ skip. The mountains! Come on!” “The mountains! Yodel-ay-ee, yodal-ay-ee, yodal-ay-ee-hoo. Granny can you hear us? Yodel with me! Yodel-ay-ee, yodal-ay-ee, yodal-ay-ee-hoo.” “Yodal-ay-ee-hoo.” “To Granny’s house I go. Skip n’ skip n’ skip n’ skip, to Granny’s house I go. Skip n’ skip n’ skip n’ skip . . . “To Granny’s house you go” “Ahhhh!” “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you. I just really liked your song. Here you dropped this. Yummy apple. What else do you have in that basket?” “I have food for my sick Granny. Everything in this basket will help make her feel better. “Mmmm, you’re such a good granddaughter taking food to your sick Granny. I really want that food. I wonder how I can get my paws on it. Ah, I have an idea. Watch this. Little Red Riding Hood, why don’t you bring Granny flowers. Grannies love those.” “Oh that’s a good idea. I’ll pick some flowers for Granny.” “That’s perfect. Now I can run ahead to Granny’s house. Little Red Riding Hood’s basket of food is almost mine!” “Phew. I made it to the house before Little Red Riding Hood. Now I need to get Granny out of the house. That way when Little Red Riding Hood gets here, I can have her yummy basket of food. Here goes . . . Knock, knock, knock “Who is it?” “It’s . . . ummm . . . Who should I say it is? Should I tell Granny that I’m a plumber? Oh yeah, OK, I’ll pretend to be a plumber. Ready? Knock, knock, knock.” “Who is it?” “It’s the plumber. I’m here to fix the sink! Your house is leaking. I need to find the leak.” “I don’t want a leaky house. I’ll let you get to work. Woo-hoo! Granny is gone. Come on, we’ll wait inside for Little Red Riding Hood and her delicious basket of food.” “Woo-hoo! Granny is outta here! Aw come on, don’t look at me like that. I really want that basket of food and if I’m going to get it, Granny can’t be here. “Ah! If I dress up as someone else I’m sure Little Red Riding Hood will give it to me! What should I wear? A police uniform! This could work. I could say… Little Red Riding Hood, I need your basket for official business. This outfit is really itchy. I’ll wear Granny’s nightgown instead, so when Little Red Riding Hood gets here, she’ll think that I’m Granny and give me the basket of food for sure.” “What do you think, will Little Red Riding Hood believe that I’m her Granny? Knock, knock, knock “Who is it?” “Its me, Little Red Riding Hood, your granddaughter.” “Come on in.” “Hi Granny. I’ve brought you some food to make you feel better.” “Ohhh, how sweet dear.” “You look so different, what big eyes you have.” “The better to see you with my dear.” “Granny, what big ears you have.” “The better to hear you with my dear.” “Granny, what sharp teeth you have.” “The better to eat your basket full of food with my dear!” Knock, knock, knock “Hello? I’m back. Oh hello, Little Red Riding Hood dear.” “Granny? Wait, if you’re my Granny, then who are you? “I’m your Granny too? So just give me the basket of food and . . .” “No you’re not. You’re the wolf trying to trick us by dressing up in Granny’s clothes! Wolf, you need to leave. You tricked my granny, you tricked me, and now you need to get out.” “Little Red, the wold shouldn’t have pretended to be me, but give him a chance to explain. You never know what someone’s thinking.” “OK, Wolf, why did you dress up like my granny?” “I—I did it for the food. My grandmother wolf is sick and I thought if I got this food, I could bring it to her and make her feel better.” “Well, I understand now. Helping your Grandmother is a good idea. But the next time you want a basket full of food, just ask.” “I’m sorry. Let me try this again. Can I have your basket full of food to take to my Grandmother Wolf?” I have a great idea! Why don’t you invite your Grandmother Wolf over and we’ll all eat together?” “Great! I’ll call my Grandmother right now! Grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood and her Granny invited us over to eat!” Knock, knock, knock. “Hello. It’s Grandmother Wolf.” “That was fast!” “Welcome Grandmother Wolf. We’re so glad you’re here.” “It’s time to eat! A picnic!” “My wildest dreams come true!” “Oh, I almost forgot to call my mom. Hi Mom, I’m safely at Granny’s. We’re having a picnic!” “Enjoy you picnic, and watch out for ants!” “Thanks, Mom. We will!” “Mmmmm, this food is just what the doctor ordered.” “Aooooo! Grandmother, I’m so glad you’re feeling better.” “Cheers, everyone! And happy picnicking.” “Cheers!”
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