Preschool Music: Learning to Read Through Songs


“My daughter can’t get enough of Homer’s amazing music. I can’t tell you how many times I hear the songs played over and over. She and her brother love Yankee Doodle, the ABCs and especially Jenny Jenkins.”

Nothing brightens up family time like music. Whether you’re mixing pancakes on a Saturday morning or winding down for bedtime, children will always delight in sharing music with their parents and loved ones.

Music is a terrific teaching tool, too. According to Elizabeth Pearson, a literacy and music expert, there are many “natural connections between lyrics and literacy. Lyrics are the words in music, and if you take lyrics of your favorite songs and recite them, you have poetry. Most lyrics also often tell a story. In many cases a song is a form of storytelling.” Music also teaches children about rhyme, an important part of learning to read.

Spending time with your children singing funny songs and nursery rhymes, learning the words to traditional folksongs from around the world, and even practicing different versions of the ABCs can become a real learning experience. Preschool music is one of the building blocks of preschool early literacy.

That’s why the literacy experts who built Learn with Homer’s early learning program included loads of preschool music selections for families to choose from. With dozens of folksongs, counting and alphabet songs, nursery rhymes and holiday favorites, there’s music for every family and child.

Choose “One Two Buckle My Shoe” to reinforce your child’s knowledge of numbers. Try Homer’s very own version of the ABC song to strengthen your child’s print knowledge. Dance around your living room to “Old Dan Tucker” and the Australian favorite, “Waltzing Matilda.” Celebrate the holidays with seasonal favorites like “Deck the Halls” and “Oh, Hannukah.”

Homer’s musicians and artists invite you and your family into our musical circle to share the joy of learning through song.

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