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The Valentine Contest

Three suitors try to win a valentine contest to dance with Princess Ana.
King Carlos and Princess Ana are getting ready for the annual Valentine's Day party, but this year Princess Ana wants someone to dance with. King Carlos decides to find her the perfect dance partner by holding a contest to see who can create the perfect valentine for Princess Ana. Knight Lorenzo, Pedro the Baker, and Morris the Monster all think they can create a valentine that Princess Ana will love best. Princess Ana picks the valentine that means the most to her and finds herself with a valentine that shares her interest in dancing and yucky things.
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It was almost Valentine’s Day in the kingdom, and everyone was excited, especially King Carlos and Princess Ana. “Look at all the decorations,” Princess Ana exclaimed. King Carlos looked around happily. “Valentine’s Day is my favorite day because we get to show people how much we love them! And everyone gets to dance!” Princess Ana looked at King Carlos, “Father, every year I dance by myself at the Valentine’s Day Party. This year . . . can I have someone dance with me?” “Hmmmm.” King Carlos thought. “That’s a nice idea. I think I know how to find just the right person.” King Carlos issued a royal decree to the townspeople, “Hear ye! Hear ye! There is going to be a Valentine’s Day contest. Make a valentine present for Princess Ana, and bring it to the castle. Princess Ana will choose the valentine she likes the best, and the winner will get to dance with her at the party all night long! Good luck to all of you!” There were three townspeople who wanted to win the contest more than anyone else: Knight Lorenzo, Pedro the Baker, and Morris the Monster. “I know just what I’m going to make for Princess Ana, so I’m going to win the contest!” said Knight Lorenzo. “I know what to make for Princess Ana too, so I’m going to win the contest!” said Pedro the Baker. “I know what I’m going to make for Princess Ana . . . well . . . I think I do. I hope I can win the contest,” said Morris the Monster, softly. In his castle, Knight Lorenzo got to work making his valentine. “I love dragons, so Princess Ana must too!” said Knight Lorenzo, as he sprinkled red glitter on his Valentine. “What princess wouldn’t love a glittery dragon valentine? I know I’m going to win the contest and dance with Princess Ana. “ Meanwhile, Pedro the Baker was busy in his bakery. “I love cookies, so Princess Ana must too!” said Pedro the Baker, as he added pink frosting to his cookie valentine. “What Princess wouldn’t want a chewy gooey chocolate chip valentine cookie? I know I’m going to win the contest, and dance with Princess Ana.” In his cave, Morris the Monster was wondering what to put on his valentine. “Hmmm . . .” said Morris. “I think I know what Princess Ana likes.” Then he got to work. First Morris glued three wiggly worms to his Valentine. Next, he smeared gobs of muddy mud across the top. And last, he found a big, buggy, googly eye and plopped it right in the center. Morris looked at the valentine. His valentine looked back at him. “What princess wouldn’t want a wormy, muddy, googly-eyed Valentine? I hope I win the contest. I really want to dance with Princess Ana.” It was time for the Valentine’s Day Party. Knight Lorenzo arrived first. “Look at my glittery dragon valentine! This is the winning valentine, don’t you think?” Next, Pedro the Baker arrived. “Make way for my chewy gooey chocolate chip valentine cookie! Contest winner . . . coming through! This one will win, right?” Morris the Monster was the last to arrive, “Look at my yucky valentine,” he said. “I really hope Princess Ana likes it! Do you think she’ll like my valentine the best?” “Ew!” cried Knight Lorenzo. “That is one yucky valentine!” said Pedro the Baker. But Morris just smiled. It WAS a yucky valentine. The yuckiest. King Carlos welcomed his party guests. “Now, Princess Ana will decide which valentine wins the contest!” boomed King Carlos. “Behold! My glittery dragon valentine!” cried Knight Lorenzo. “Wow! That is very glittery,” said Princess Ana. “Tadah! It’s my chewy gooey chocolate chip valentine cookie!” cheered Pedro the Baker. “That looks very sweet,” said Princess Ana. “Here is my Valentine. I put worms and mud and a googly eye on it just for you.” “That is one yucky valentine,” said Princess Ana. Morris felt flustered and his valentine started to slip and slide right out of his furry hands! The wiggly worms went sliding, the muddy mud went SPLAT and the eyeball rolled and rolled and rolled . . . right into the middle of the heart-shaped dance floor. Morris looked at his valentine. His valentine looked back at Morris. “My yucky valentine is ruined,” sighed Morris. “Now I’ll never win the contest!” Princess Ana stepped forward, smiling, “Thank you all for these wonderful valentines. The winner of the contest made a valentine that speaks to my heart and tells me we are meant to dance together. And the winner is . . . Morris the Monster!” Morris couldn’t believe his ears! “Morris the Monster,” she said, “You have made the yuckiest valentine I have ever seen . . . and I LOVE yucky things. I made a valentine, too,” said Princess Ana as she pulled her valentine out from behind her back. Morris looked at Princess Ana’s valentine . . . and Princess Ana’s valentine looked back at Morris! Princess Ana and Morris laughed. “Princess Ana,” said Morris, “you made the yuckiest valentine of all and I love it!” King Carlos scratched his head, but then proclaimed, “We have a winner of the Valentine’s Contest. Morris the Monster, you like yucky things as much as my Princess Ana. Let the Valentine Dance Party . . . begin!” “Happy Valentine’s Day,” said Princess Ana. “Let’s boogie!” cried Morris the Monster. And he and Princess Ana danced together all night long.
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