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Superkids Princess Problems

Help the SuperKids save Princess Esme and Glitter from the grumpy Knight No-No!
Princess Esme and her pet unicorn Glitter live in the beautiful kingdom of Bellavilla. Princess Esme is very kind; kindness makes her twinkle, sparkle, and shine. One day, grumpy Knight No-No gets upset and doesn’t want to protect the kingdom anymore. To Princess Esme, protecting the kingdom is important and a very kind thing to do, but Knight No-No doesn’t want to be kind. In fact, he doesn’t want anyone to be kind and declares that kindness is a big no-no before locking Princess Esme and Glitter in the dungeon! Read along to see how the SuperKids, Princess Esme, and Glitter need your help!
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Princess Esme lived in the beautiful kingdom of Bellavilla with her pet unicorn, Glitter. She loved being a princess and was very kind. If someone was sad (“How about a smile?”), Princess Esme cheered them up. If someone was sick (“Bless you.”), Princess Esme handed them a tissue. And if someone had their delicious, drippy ice cream taken (“Excuse me.”), well, Princess Esme helped them get it back! “When I am kind, I twinkle, sparkle, and shine.” Everything was just fine and dandy in Bellavilla until one day, grumpy Knight No-No and his beloved pet dragon, Igor, stopped Princess Esme and Glitter on their way back to the castle! “I am tired of protecting our kingdom!” said Knight No-No. “Every day I have to wear this squeaky, creaky armor—it makes me so cranky! I don’t want to do it anymore!” “But, Knight No-No,” said Princess Esme, “protecting our kingdom is important. It keeps everyone safe, which is a very kind thing to do.” “I don’t care! I don’t want to be kind and neither should you! Being kind is a great . . . big . . . NO-NO!” “But . . . I’m always kind. It’s what makes me twinkle, sparkle, and shine!” “Not anymore! Twinkling, sparkling, and shining are a big NO-NO!” And so, Knight No-No locked Princess Esme and Glitter in the dungeon. “SuperKids, help! The kingdom of Bellavilla needs you!” “Neigh!” “Nothing can neigh you . . . I mean, help you. You must stay in the dungeon, so that you can’t spread your dreaded twinkle, sparkle, and shine. Kindness is a big no-no!” Back at Superhero School, a giant beam of light shone through the window, right in the middle of the SuperKids’ superpowers class. It was the SuperKids’ signal! “SuperKids!” cried Principal Good Guy. “Princess Esme and Glitter need your help! Knight No-No has thrown them in the dungeon!” “Ready . . . set . . . SUPERKIDS! Let’s go save Princess Esme!” Once in Bellavilla, the SuperKids headed to the dungeon to save Princess Esme. But first they had to get past Igor. Igor flew at the SuperKids, trying to trap them inside of his dragon bubble breath. He got all of the SuperKids . . . except Zoomerella. She was too fast! “Zoom ON!” cried Zoomerella as she dodged the bubbles. Zoomerella flew as fast as she could, popping the bubbles and setting the SuperKids free. “Oh no! Help me pop Igor’s bubbles and set the Superkids free!“ It was Noodle Boy’s turn to help. “NOODLE POWER! My noodles will help us get past Igor!” Noodle Boy covered Igor’s wings with ravioli so he couldn’t fly, he tied up his feet with spaghetti noodles so he couldn’t run, and he covered his head in lasagna noodles to stop his bubble breath!
 “We stopped him. Uh-oh, Igor escaped! Pick a noodle to stop Igor.“ With Igor covered in noodles from head to tail, the SuperKids could slip past him and get to the dungeon—fast! “With my supersunshine, and my rockin’ rain, I’ll make a rainbow we can slide on to get to the dungeon as fast as we can! Weather WHAM!” “Oh no! Use your superpowers to help me make the rainbow.“ The SuperKids made it to the dungeon. “SuperKids, you’re here! Knight No-No threw the keys way up high. There’s no way you’ll reach them. Knight No-No is too clever!” “Clever is good . . . but bouncy is better!” Super Bouncy Boy bounced into action, bouncing as high as he could to grab the keys. “Go, Bouncy, Go!” “Got them! Oh no! Don’t got them . . . the keys bounced right out of my hands! Help me get all of these keys and set Esme free.“ At last, the SuperKids set Princess Esme and Glitter free! “Hooray!” “Neigh!” “Neigh so fast! I mean . . . not so fast!” called out Knight No-No. “Escaping is a no-no, and you SuperKids are a no-no too—you belong in the dungeon. Igor . . . bubble them! I’ll get Princess Esme.” “Help me!” Knight No-No tried to capture Princess Esme and Glitter. “Knight No-No, you must be stopped!” “You can’t stop me! You don’t have any superpowers.” “I may not have superpowers, but I do know how to be superkind!” When I’m kind, I twinkle, sparkle, and shine like when I help someone who’s stuck to feel fine (twinkle, sparkle, shine). Give hugs (twinkle), flowers (sparkle), and compliments (shine). Sing a song that makes someone happy and dance. “What is happening to me?” “You’re dancing!” “Dancing? It feels . . . it feels . . . wonderful!” “You look happy!” “I look happy? I am happy! Dancing makes me happy!” “That’s your twinkle, sparkle, and shine!” “Yes! Yes!” “Princess Esme, you are so kind. You helped me find what makes me shine. And to think I locked you up. I’m sorry. From now on, anything that makes you twinkle, sparkle, and shine is a big . . . YES!” “Princess Esme, you did it!” “Our work here is done. It’s time to head back to Superhero School. Want to come, Princess Esme?” “Go, Princess Esme. Igor and I will make sure Bellavilla stays safe. We might even dance while we do it.” “That’s very kind of you, Knight No-No. Thank you.” Principal Good Guy was waiting outside of Superhero School. “Princess Esme and Glitter, your kindness saved the day.” “Kindness makes me twinkle, sparkle, and shine!” “Well, it sure is powerful! Here is your official SuperKids cape. Welcome to Superhero School.” “Hooray for Princess Esme!” “That’s . . . SUPERprincess Esme. Kindness is POWERFUL. What can you do to make the world twinkle, sparkle, and shine?“
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