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Pete's a Pizza

What’s a good way to cheer up a son who’s disappointed? Turn him into a “pizza”!
Pete’s not happy. He’s stuck at home because of the rain. Now what’s he going to do? His father, wanting to make the best of the situation, starts to make a pizza using his son as the dough. Add some flour (it’s really talcum powder), a dash of oil (it’s really water), and begin to knead. Hmm, what is that giggling? Now some tomatoes (red checkers). And when the dough doesn’t respond to a question, it gets tickled! Read along to this story about a playful father who finds a creative way to cheer up his unhappy son. What creative way would you use to cheer someone up?
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Pete's in a bad mood. Just when he's supposed to play ball with the guys, it decides to rain. Pete's father can't help noticing how miserable his son is. “Ah!“ He thinks it might cheer Pete up to be made into a pizza. So he sets him down on the kitchen table . . . and starts kneading the dough . . . and stretching it this way and that. Now the dough gets whirled and twirled up in the air. Next, some oil is generously applied. (It's really water.) Then comes some flour. (It's really talcum powder.) And then some tomatoes. (They're really checkers.) Pete can't help giggling when his mother says she doesn't like tomatoes on her pizza. “All right,“ says his father, “no tomatoes. Just some cheese.“ (The cheese is pieces of paper). “How about some pepperoni, Petey?“ Pete can't answer because he's only some dough and stuff. But when that dough gets tickled, it laughs like crazy. “Pizzas are not supposed to laugh!“ “Pizza makers are not supposed to tickle their pizzas!“ “Well,“ says his father, “it's time for this pizza to be put in the oven.“ “Ah! Now our pizza is nice and hot!“ Pete's father brings the pizza to the table. “It's time to slice our pizza,“ he says. But the pizza runs away . . . and the pizza maker chases him. The pizza gets captured and hugged. Now the sun's come out. And so the pizza decides to go look for his friends.
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