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My Terrific Spaceship

Blast off into space to see why space is so terrific in this nonfiction story.
Five, four, three, two, one, BLASTOFF! Come along on a stellar adventure to space in this nonfiction story and see what makes space so terrific. After launching into orbit, suit up for a space walk—IF you can. Even suiting up can be challenging in space where everything floooaaaaats without gravity. Check out how the view from orbit is much different than the view of space from Earth, then head out on a space walk to fix a broken satellite. Wondering about life on Mars is pretty terrific too. What do you think makes space so terrific? Why?
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Enjoy our collection of fun science stories for kids. With favorites like Sid the Science Kid and Hayley Rides into Space, you're sure to find stories your child will love.
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This is it—all systems go! Time for the final countdown. Five, four, three, two, one. Blastoff! We’re in orbit! Let’s get ready for a spacewalk. We’ll need our spacesuit and our boots and gloves and helmet . . . What’s outside? Look out the window. Out in space! Can you spacewalk your way to the broken satellite and repair it? Life on Mars? You’re the first astronaut on the big red planet. What will you find? Back to Earth! The shuttle lands on a runway just like a jet plane. See you soon for another adventure in the terrific spaceship!
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