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Monster Birthday Surprise

Read and play to help Oona throw Neenee a nifty ninth surprise birthday party!
Do you know what today is? It’s Neenee’s nifty ninth birthday! And her sister Oona needs help from her friends, Marluk and Tigga, and YOU, to plan a surprise party for her. Use their lists to help the monsters get the exact number of balloons, snacks, and cupcakes for the party. Then, play along with Neenee in a surprise scavenger hunt! Nine 9s are hidden all around the party. Can you find them? At the end, think of all the ways you saw the number nine—whether spelled or as a numeral, or even shown as dots, candles, or balloons—it's all the same number: 9. What numbers do you see around you?
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Find short stories with pictures that are great for kindergarten reading level. Your child can learn about all the letters in the alphabet in the Meet The Letter series and learn to count in Monster Birthday Surprise.
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“Hey Tigga! Hey Marluk!” “Hi, Oona!” “Do you know what today is?” “Tuesday?” “Well...yes, but it’s also my sister Neenee’s birthday! She’s turning nine today!” “Nine? Wow!” “What are you doing for her nifty ninth?” “I’m going to throw her a surprise party.” “I love surprise parties. Can we help?” “Of course! Let’s go.” “Balloons for Neenee’s party, I need balloons for Neenee’s party.” “Hi there, Marluk! Can I help you?” “Yes, please! I need this many balloons for a surprise party we’re making.” “How nice! Go ahead and get as many balloons as you need.” “Will you help me get the balloons? I need this many.” “Let’s see, two, three, four, five, six. Six balloons. Is that how many you need?” “Yes! Six balloons for Neenee’s surprise party.” “You can get balloons in different colors if you want more for your party.” “Thanks!” “Snacks for Neenee’s party, I need snacks for Neenee’s party. Yummy! Monster Mix! Contains worms, snozzleberries, slimeballs, and tentacles. Sounds deelish, right? Help me put this many in the cart?” “One, two, three, four bags of Monster Mix. That’s exactly what we needed. Hmm, there are so many yummy snacks. Let’s see what snack is next on our list!” “Cupcakes for Neenee’s party, I need cupcakes for Neenee’s party.” “Hi Tigga!” “Hi! I need some monster cupcakes for a monster surprise party.” “You can help yourself. Put the ones you want into this box.” “I need this many cupcakes for NeeNee’s surprise party. Will you help me put them into the box?” “That’s five. And now, six, seven, eight. Is that how many you need?” “Yes. Eight cupcakes for Neenee’s party!” “Let me know if you’d like any other sweet treats for your party.” “Oona, I have the balloons!” “And I have the cupcakes” “And I have the snacks! Now I’m looking for the perfect birthday card for Neenee. Let’s pick the one that says ‘nine’ and then start the party!” “Oona, are you here?” “In here, Neenee!” “SURPRISE!” “Whoa! You threw a surprise party for me?” “Yep! Happy birthday, big sis!” “This is the sweetest birthday surprise ever!”
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