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Meet the Letter E

Esther the elephant saves the world from losing electricity! Esther was exercising in an elevator when her friend emails her from the Empire State Building and tells her about an electricity disruptive eclipse! Esther leaps to outer space where she does eleven million flips to create so much electricity, that she single-handedly solves the electricity crisis! Go, Esther! This funny, child-created video, animated with gusto, is an exquisite, elegant, effective way to help children appreciate the wonders of the letter E.
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Find short stories with pictures that are great for kindergarten reading level. Your child can learn about all the letters in the alphabet in the Meet The Letter series and learn to count in Monster Birthday Surprise.
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Here’s a story about the letter E. You make uppercase E like this. You make a straight line down. You make one line across on top. You make one line across on the middle. You make one line across on the bottom. You make lowercase e like this. You make a line across. You make a loop all the way around to here. Some words that begin with E are . . . elephant, elevator, the Empire State Building. Now here’s our story. Once there was an elephant that was named Esther, who was exercising in an empty elevator. She did eleven flips. She used her phone to check her emails. She saw an email from her friend, Eli the Eagle. He’s sending email from the Empire State Building, where he’s working. There was an eclipse coming! It was gonna stop the electricity. He needed Esther’s help! So Esther back-flipped out of the elevator and eagerly bounced to the Empire State Building. She jumped from the Empire State Building aaaaaaaaaalll the way into space, where she can see Earth. And then she did eleven million flips to make a bunch of electricity . . . . . . that she took back to the Empire State Building and charged all the phones and computers so everyone can get their emails. The end. E What E words did you find in the story?
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