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After a terrible tornado, a farmer turns a mess into a masterpiece.
A tornado has swept away all of the farmer’s animals. Another farmer might give up, but this farmer decides to turn a mess into a masterpiece by using leftover machine parts to create machine animals . . . mechanimals! His creative idea not only helps him get all of the work done on his farm, it also helps him make a brand-new flying machine.
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Enjoy fun, animal stories for kids including bedtime favorites like Is Your Mama a Llama and Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch.
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There once was a farmer who had lots of animals that got swept away by a tornado. The twister left behind a mountain of scrap metal and machine parts . . . and a very sad farmer. Determined not to give up, the farmer declared, “I’ll turn this mess into a masterpiece.” “When pigs fly,” his neighbors replied, which gave him an idea. There was much to be done. First he had to get organized. Then he had to draw up his plans. At last it was time to get to work. First the farmer made a rooster-bot so he wouldn’t sleep in too late. It was so loud, it woke people in China. Next he made a bunch of chick-bots to help with all the heavy lifting. They were incredibly strong. The cow-bot helped with all the lube and fueling. She also made great chocolate milk. The sheep-bot had a coat of steel wool to help the farmer buff all the metal. Of course he needed a horse-bot to help him haul in the lunch. Holy horsepower! Those mechanimals sure loved munching on metal. Finally, he needed a flying pig-bot to zip around the farm. And now when people say, “When pigs fly!” . . . they really mean it!
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