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Hi! Fly Guy

Join Buzz in this whimsical story that shows that flies can be special pets!
A fly went flying. A boy named Buzz went walking. The boy wanted to catch something smart for The Amazing Pet Show, but he bumped into a fly instead. A fly that . . . knew the boy’s name! Buzz! And thus began the strong bond between Buzz and Fly Guy. Over and over again, they heard people say, “Flies can’t be pets—they’re pests!” And each time, Fly Guy proved them wrong. He’s a smart fly that can do tricks, and he’s very special to Buzz. Read along in this whimsical story as Buzz and his most unlikely of pets challenge people’s perceptions. Do you think flies are smart? Why?
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Chapter 1 A fly went flying. He was looking for something to eat— something tasty . . . something slimy. A boy went walking. He was looking for something to catch— something smart . . . something for The Amazing Pet Show. They met. Boink! The boy caught the fly in a jar. “A pet!” he said. The fly was mad. He wanted to be free. He stomped his foot and said, “Buzz!” The boy was surprised! He said, “You know my name! You are the smartest pet in the world!” Chapter 2 Buzz took the fly home. “This is my pet,” Buzz said to Mom and Dad. “He is smart. He can say my name. Listen!” Buzz opened the jar. The fly flew out. “Flies can’t be pets,” said Dad. “They are pests!” He got the flyswatter. The fly cried, “Buzz!” And Buzz came to the rescue! “You are right,” said Dad. “This fly is smart.” “He needs a name,” said Mom. Buzz thought for a minute. “Fly Guy,” said Buzz. And Fly Guy said, “Buzz!” It was time for lunch. Buzz gave Fly Guy something to eat. Fly Guy was happy. Chapter 3 Buzz took Fly Guy to The Amazing Pet Show. The judges laughed. “Flies can’t be pets,” they said. “Flies are pests!” Buzz was sad. He opened the jar. “Shoo, Fly Guy,” he said. “Flies can’t be pets.” But Fly Guy liked Buzz. He had an idea. He did some fancy flying. The judges were amazed. “The fly can do tricks,” they said. “But flies can’t be pets.” Then Fly Guy said, “Buzz!” The judges were more amazed. “The fly knows the boy’s name,” they said. “But flies can’t be pets.” Fly Guy flew high, high, high into the sky! Then he dived down, down, down into the jar. “The fly knows his jar!” the judges said. “This fly is a pet.” So they let Fly Guy in the show! He even won an award. Tallest Pet, Cutest Pet, Pet with Most Legs, Heaviest Pet, Smartest Pet. And so began a beautiful friendship.
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