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Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site

The work is done at this construction site. Time to wish the trucks goodnight.
It’s the end of the day at this construction site and time to wish all the trucks a restful night. Tomorrow will bring on another day of rough and tough construction play. One by one, their hard work will end, and each will rest his sleepy head. Join us in this award-winning, rhyming story as we say goodnight to our construction friends—the crane truck, cement mixer, dump truck, bulldozer, and excavator. It’s the perfect way to snuggle up with your favorite truck all tucked in tight at the end of your day too. “The day is done; turn off the light. Great work today. Now, shh, goodnight.”
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Down in the big construction site, the tough trucks work with all their might to build a building, make a road, to get the job done—load by load! The sun has set; the work is done. It’s time for trucks to end their fun. So one by one they’ll go to bed to yawn and rest their sleepy heads, then wake up to another day of rough-and-tough construction play! Working hard to help his team, Crane Truck raises one last beam. Reaching, stretching, lifting high, he swings the beam into the sky. He’ll set it down right on its mark, then off to bed; it’s almost dark. He slowly folds his boom back in, and then with one last sleepy grin, he tucks himself in nice and tight . . .Sigh! . . . then cuddles up and says goodnight. Shh. Goodnight, Crane Truck, goodnight. Spinning, churning, all day long, Cement Mixer sings his whirly song. Now . . . yawn! He’s weary and so dizzy from the fun that keeps him busy. With one last spin, he pours the load. He’s ready now to leave the road. He takes a bath, gets shiny bright, pulls up his chute, turns off his light. He cuts his engine, slows his drum, and dreams sweet dreams of twirly fun. Shh. Goodnight, Cement Mixer, goodnight. Dump Truck loves to work and haul. He carries loads both big and small. He moves the dirt from place to place, then dumps it with a happy face. One final load spills on the heap. Crrrunch! Now Dump Truck’s tired and wants to sleep. He lowers his bed, locks his gate, rests his wheels; it’s getting late. He dims his lights, then shuts his doors, and soon his engine slows to snores. “Hey! Pipe down!” Shh. Goodnight, Dump Truck, goodnight. Pushing with his mighty blade, Bulldozer works to smooth the grade. He clears the way to level ground and fills the air with thunderous sound. Rooaaar! No one’s as tough and strong as he! But now he’s sleepy as can be. He puffs some smoke out of his stack, turns off his engine, stops his track. He curls into his soft dirt bed and dreams of busy days ahead. Shh. Goodnight, Bulldozer, goodnight. Scooping gravel, dirt, and sand, Excavator shapes the land. He digs and lifts throughout the day. Arr! But now it’s time to end his play. A few more holes to dig and soon, he’ll roll to bed beneath the moon. Yawn! He twirls upon his bumpy track, pulls up his boom, stretches his back. He sets his scoop down on the ground and snuggles up without a sound. Shh. Goodnight, Excavator, goodnight. These big, big trucks, so tough and loud, they work so hard, so rough and proud. Tomorrow is another day, another chance to work and play. Turn off your engines, stop your tracks, relax your wheels, your stacks, and backs. No more huffing and puffing, team. It’s time to rest your heads and dream. Construction site, all tucked in tight. The day is done; turn off the light. Great work today. Now, shh, goodnight.
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