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Good Dog, Aggie: Aggie At School

Aggie is a good dog, but she does not listen. Will doggie school help?
Aggie is a good dog. She runs fast, and she's a good eater. But she does not listen. Ben decides to sign her up for doggie school. Aggie can get a treat when she listens to Ben, but she sees a closer treat and jumps and runs for it. Soon mayhem is created as the other dogs join her! Thanks to her doggie antics, Ben will have to learn to teach Aggie at home. Being responsible for a dog is hard work!
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Aggie is a good dog. She runs fast. She is a good eater. But she does not listen. “Bring that back,” I say. “I need that for school!” “My dog ate my homework,” I say. My teacher does not believe me. After school I take Aggie outside. We have a talk. “You are a good dog, Aggie, but you do not obey. You do not come when I say come. You do not sit when I say sit. I am going to send you to school. Doggie school.” “Ruff!” Aggie says. Doggie school is at the pet shop. Daddy takes us there. There are big dogs, little dogs, spotted dogs, scratching dogs. Aggie sits on the floor. I sit on a chair. The teacher is very nice. She pats all the dogs on the head. Aggie jumps. “No jumping,” the teacher says. The teacher gives us a treat to hold. “First we will learn SIT,” she says. She shows us how with her dog. Aggie sniffs my hand. She tries to take the treat. “No, no, Aggie,” I say. It is our turn. “Sit,” I say. Aggie does not. She jumps up. “No, no, Aggie,” I say. “It is not time to play.” The teacher gives us another treat. “Now we will learn STAY,” she says. She shows us how with her dog. It is our turn. Aggie sees the treat. “Sit,” I say. She does. “Stay,” I say. Aggie does not. She sees another treat. That treat is closer. Aggie jumps up and runs to it. “No, no, Aggie!” I say. “That treat is not for you!” Aggie runs. She runs under one dog. She jumps over another dog. Now all the dogs run. They run and bark. The treats fly up, up, up. All the dogs stop. The teacher gives me a box of treats. “You teach Aggie at home,” she says. “I think Aggie is going to like school,” I tell Daddy.
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