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All About Pilots

We’re going on a trip and learning about airplanes and pilots! Come with us!
Have you ever wondered about traveling on an airplane and the pilots that fly them? Tyler and his dad are going on a trip in an airplane. And guess what? Tyler’s mom is the captain! Tyler and his dad start their trip at the airport and then use a jet bridge to board the plane. The flight attendants take care of them when they get on the plane. There’s so much to learn about airplanes—we even see the flight deck where Tyler’s mom flies the plane! Come on an adventure with us in this interactive story. What’s your favorite part of traveling or being on an airplane?
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Hi! I’m Tyler. I’m going on a trip with my dad. Guess where we are. At the airport! We’re waiting to get on the airplane. Have you ever been to an airport? We’re getting on the plane! Look, the flight attendants are waiting for us. They say hi and show us where to sit. They’ll also take care of us the whole flight. Listen, the captain is speaking. “Good morning ladies and gentlemen. This is your captain. We are getting ready for takeoff and will be on our way soon.” Do you know who the captain is? My mom! Mom just got the signal that it’s time to go. We’re ready to take off! Don’t forget to buckle your seat belt. Here we go! Wow! We’re really high up in the air. Look at all those clouds. Do you hear the engines? The engines stay on the whole time to keep us flying. “Ladies and gentlemen, we have been cleared for landing.” Yay! The airplane tires come down for landing. I can’t wait to thank mom for a good trip.
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