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All About Kangaroos

Spend time with baby kangaroo Joey and his family in the Australian grasslands.
Have you ever wondered about kangaroos? You can’t outrun a kangaroo! Kangaroos are known for their superhigh and fast jumping. Meet Joey, the baby kangaroo. He lives with his large kangaroo family. As you travel with Joey through the Australian grasslands, learn about why he travels in his mom’s pouch; the different kinds of kangaroos; kangaroos’ big, strong legs for jumping; what they like to eat; how they stay clean; and how they are like their cousins the koalas.
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G’day! My name is Joey. I’m a baby kangaroo. I live in Australia! Do you want to see what it’s like to be a baby kangaroo in Australia? C’mon! Can you find me in this picture? I’m not the big kangaroo. That’s my mom. I’m the little guy down here in her pouch. Kangaroos have big, strong legs and feet that help us jump up and straight ahead. See my dad’s long legs and big back feet? He uses them to jump really high and super fast. Kangaroos live in big groups. I live with about 30 other kangaroos. There’s always a friend to play with. I’m not the only joey in Australia. Koala babies are called joeys too. Look, there’s one with his mom up in that tree. Hi Joey! I love being a baby kangaroo here in Australia. My favorite part is riding in my mom’s pouch. What’s your favorite part of being a kid where you live?
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