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All About Ducks and Geese

Do you know the difference between ducks and geese? Let’s find out!
Have you ever wondered about the difference between ducks and geese? Whenever I go to the park, I almost always see ducks and geese. They look a lot alike but are so different in many ways. Did you know that only female ducks quack? Or that geese are only black, white, gray, or brown? There’s so much to learn about ducks and geese in this interactive story! What do you know about them?
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I love going to the pond. Every time I go, I see both ducks and geese. Do you know the difference between them? I know what makes them different! Ducks are shorter and can be many colors. Geese have longer necks and are white, black, grey, or brown. Some ducks love to quack. But geese don’t quack—they make a honking sound. Ducks eat mostly grass, fish, and insects. Look, when they dive in the water for food, all you see are their bottoms! But geese don’t really like fish and insects—they mainly eat grass. Ducks and geese are different in some ways. But some things about them are the same. Their babies crack out of eggs. Hello, little babies! Look, they’re flying away. I’d better go home too. I love spending time with the ducks and geese at the pond. Do you?
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