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All About Dogs

Spend the day with Maggie, the dog, to see why dogs are “man’s best friend”!
Have you ever wanted to know more about dogs? Come along with Maggie, the dog, as she spends the day with her new family. Dogs are “man’s best friend.” They like to go to the park and run and run and run. And if they could, they would eat all day long! They love to play games like shake and roll over too! And just like people, they go to a doctor to stay healthy. Their doctor is called a vet. Read along in this interactive story to learn more about dogs. Why else do you think dogs are man’s best friend? Woof! Woof!
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Oh hi! My name’s Maggie. I’m a dog. What’s your name? Guess what happened to me today! I was brought to a new home! What’s it going to be like here? Look, it’s time to go out to the park. I’m going to run and run and run! Running is good for my body. What do you like to do when you go outside? Food! If I could, I would eat all day long. I get fed twice a day. How many times a day do you eat? Look at what I found. A chew toy! Just for me! I chew on it and chew on it some more. Playing with this helps me keep my teeth clean. I’m at the vet’s office for my first checkup! I’m going to try to sit still and be a good dog. Will you stay with me while he checks me over to make sure I’m healthy and well? I love my new home. Ssssh, everyone is asleep. I’m going to curl up and go to sleep, but I have one ear open. If I hear anything, everyone will know it. Good night.
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