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All About Bugs

Kai and Marcus are going on a bug hunt today. There are so many bugs to explore!
Bugs can be slimy, beautiful, tiny, squirmy, and graceful. In this story, Kai and his friend Marcus are looking for bugs. They’re packing up their magnifying glasses, jars, and nets. Do you want to go on a bug hunt with them? Help them search for ladybugs, ants, bees, spiders, and butterflies. When you find them, you can learn all about how each bug moves and lives!
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Hi, I’m Kai. My friend, Marcus, and I are looking for bugs. Marcus wants to find a spider. I hope we find a butterfly. Want to come on a bug hunt with us? Look! I see a bug on that flower. It’s red and has black circles. It’s a ladybug! Marcus got down on the ground and spotted some ants. There are so many of them! Do you hear that buzzing sound? I hear a bee. Look! It’s flying to the flower for some food. We’re going to stay back so we don’t get stung. Marcus is happy. We found his favorite kind of bug, a spider. Marcus found his favorite bug, but I still haven’t found my favorite. There’s my favorite bug! Look at that beautiful butterfly. Now our bug hunt is done for today. Maybe tomorrow we’ll look for a dragonfly!
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