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Aggie the Brave: Get Well Soon

Ben has an inspired idea to make his dog, Aggie, feel better after her surgery.
Ben's dog, Aggie, feels embarrassed about the cone she has to wear after her surgery. While coloring on the floor, Ben looks at his sad dog and gets a great idea! He can turn her lampshade head into something that will make her happy until it’s time to go back to the vet and get the cone off. After the vet removes Aggie's stitches, Aggie feels better, and she can go back to playing with Ben.
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The next morning, Aggie looks better. She gets up. She walks around. Thunk! goes her lamp head. Whoosh! goes her cone head. “Owoooo!” goes Aggie the Clown. Poor Aggie. She is embarrassed. “I will rest with you, Aggie,” I say. I get my fancy crayons. Aggie whines while I color. I pat her head. I get an idea. “Oh! You are NOT a lamp head, Aggie!” I grab my brown crayon. “You are NOT a cone head!” I work and work. “You are NOT a clown. You are a . . . LION!” I show Aggie the Lion. “Ruff! Arf! Arf!” My lion-dog sits tall. Every day, Aggie feels a little bit better. Her lion head helps. Finally it is time to go back to the vet. The stitches go away. “Aggie has healed well,” the vet says. The vet gives her a meaty treat — a meaty treat for a brave lion. Aggie loses her mane. She runs and jumps. She circles my legs. We play chase til it gets dark.
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