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Aggie the Brave: A Visit to the Vet

Ben takes Aggie to the vet to get spayed. He and Aggie must both be brave!
Ben is taking his dog, Aggie, to the vet to get spayed. When Aggie is nervous, Ben courageously says, “Be brave, Aggie!” Ben has a lot of questions for the vet, and when Ben finds out he has to leave Aggie at the doctor overnight, it's Ben who is not feeling so brave. This heartwarming story highlights the strong bond between child and pet, and acknowledges how hard it can be when your best friend isn’t nearby.
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Aggie is going to the vet. A vet is a doctor for animals. Aggie is going to the vet to get spayed. Mommy says this is a good thing to do. It will keep Aggie from getting sick when she gets older. And it means she won’t have any puppies. I know all about doctors. I am a very good patient. I am always brave. Aggie is nervous. She tries to hide. “No, Aggie.” I say. “Be brave!” She tries to run away. “No, Aggie!” I say. I see something silly. “That dog has a lamp shade around its head!” I say. “It is a collar,” Mommy says. “a special collar that keeps dogs from scratching.” “You do not want a silly collar like that, Aggie!” I say. “Ruff!” Aggie agrees. It is our turn now. I am full of questions. Will Aggie get hurt? What if she gets hungry? Can I wait here for her? The vet tells me that Aggie will sleep. She tells me Aggie will not feel anything. “Aggie might not feel hungry when she gets home,” she says. I do not like what she tells me next. She tells me I can pick up Aggie tomorrow. It is hard to leave Aggie. “You will be okay,” I tell her. “Be good for the vet, Aggie. Be a good dog.” “Ruff!” Aggie says. “We’ll take good care of Aggie,” the vet says. “I will call you when we are done with the surgery.” “Be good, Aggie! Be brave!” I say. It is a long drive home. I do not feel so brave now.
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