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Aggie and Ben: The Surprise

On a surprise trip to the pet store, Ben gets to pick out the perfect pet.
Ben's dad takes him on a surprise trip to the pet store. Ben gets to choose a pet to take home! Ben considers his choices very carefully: A bird would sing, but it would fly away. A snake would wrap around his arm, but it would probably make Mom scream. What’s the perfect pet for Ben? He finally makes his choice—a pet that will play, go for walks, and be his best friend.
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“Where are we going?” I ask. “It’s a surprise,” Daddy says. We get into the car. We go to the pet shop. That is Daddy’s surprise! I see birds. “Would you like a bird?” The lady asks. I think. A bird would sing. A bird would sit on my finger. A bird would fly. But a bird could never play outside. It would fly away. “I do not think I want a bird,” I say. I see mice. “Would you like a mouse?” The lady asks. I think. A mouse would run through a tube. A mouse would sit in my hand. A mouse would hide in my pocket. But a mouse might get lost. “I do not think I want a mouse,” I say. I see snakes. “Would you like a snake?” the lady asks. I think. A snake might be fun. A snake would wrap around my arm. A snake would slide across the floor. But a snake might make Mommy scream. “I do not think I want a snake,” I say. I see cats. “Would you like a cat?” the lady asks. I think. A cat would purr when I pet her. A cat would chase things. A cat would play. But a cat would not play with me at the park. “I do not think I want a cat,” I say. I see dogs. “Would you like a dog?” the lady asks. I think. A dog would play chase. A dog would go for walks and play at the park. A dog would sleep on my bed and be my best friend! “I would! I would like a dog!” I say. We look at the dogs. One dog makes me laugh. “Ruff!” she says. “This one,” I say. “I want this one!” I name her Aggie.
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