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Aggie and Ben: The Scary Thing

Ben and Aggie are trying to go to sleep, but Aggie keeps seeing scary things!
When the lights go out, Ben’s dog, Aggie, sees all kinds of scary things. What’s that on the shelf? What’s that shadow on the wall? What’s pulling at the covers? In this empowering story, it’s the dog who is scared and the boy who makes it better. With a flip of the light switch, Ben helps Aggie uncover the source of each scary thing until they are finally able to go to sleep. This is a good story to share with children at bedtime to comfort fears of the dark.
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“Time for bed,” I tell Aggie. I run up the stairs. Aggie comes, too. I brush my teeth. “No, no, Aggie. Toothpaste is not for dogs!” I tell her. I read Aggie a bedtime story. “No, no, Aggie,” I say. “Do not eat the giant!” Mommy tucks us in and turns out the light. My room is dark. “Ruff!” says Aggie. I look. Aggie sees something. Aggie sees something scary on the shelf. I turn on the light. “Silly Aggie!” I say. “It is just a truck.” I turn off the light and jump into bed. “Ruff,” Aggie says. I look. Aggie sees something else. Something scary is hanging on the wall. I turn on the light. “Silly Aggie,” I say. “It is just my robe.” I turn off the light again and jump back into bed. Something scary tugs on the bed. “Grrrrowl” says Aggie. “I feel it, too!” I tell her. I sit up. It tugs again. I jump out of bed and turn on the light. “Silly Aggie. You are not so scary now,” I say. I turn off the light and climb into bed. Aggie lies down to sleep, too. There is nothing scary. Just me and Aggie.
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