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Aggie and Ben: Just Like Aggie

Ben wants to act like his dog Aggie until he sees all the things a dog does.
Ben is so excited about his new pet dog, Aggie. He is so excited, in fact, that he wants to act just like her. But when Aggie jumps into the dryer and drinks from the toilet, Ben realizes he is done being a dog! Readers will laugh along as Ben tries to keep Aggie out of trouble.
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“Look, I’m a dog,” I tell mommy. “I am just like Aggie!” Aggie sniffs around her new home. I sniff around too. Aggie sniffs the couch. I sniff the couch, too. She sniffs the rug. I sniff the rug, too. Aggie finds Daddy’s shoes. “No, no, Aggie. That is not a toy for you!” I say. Aggie goes into the kitchen. She jumps up to the counter. I jump up to the counter, too. “Down, Aggie,” Mommy says. “This snack is not for you.” Aggie goes into the laundry room. I go, too. She jumps into the dryer. “No, Aggie,” I say. “That is not a bed for you.” Aggie goes into the bathroom. I go into the bathroom, too. Aggie sees the toilet. I am done being a dog. I get a ball. “Here is your new toy,” I say. I toss it high. Aggie runs fast! I get a treat. “This is a snack for you,” I say. Aggie eats it. I get a bowl. “This is water for you,” I say. Aggie licks the water. Her ears get wet, too. “And you can sleep with me,” I tell her. Aggie is happy. She wags her tail. Just like Aggie, I am happy too.
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