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Shown to increase early reading scores by 74%

  • Based on research by Harvard & Stanford professors
  • Just 15 minutes a day was shown to increase early reading scores by 74%

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  • Up to 4 kids per account
“One of the most comprehensive apps for teaching reading.”

Shown to Nearly Double Early Reading Scores

Before Homer
74% After Homer
“In just six weeks, with no intervention from teachers, students who used Learn with Homer for 15 minutes per day improved the key skills most highly correlated with future reading success. That’s a big deal.”
- Dr. Susan B. Neuman, former U.S. Asst. Secretary of Education, Professor of Early Childhood Literacy, New York University
Homer's reading and learning app is a Mom's Choice Award winner. Homer's reading and learning app is a Teacher's Choice Award winner for the classroom. Homer was voted best reading program for the family as a Teacher's Choice Award winner.

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