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Accelerates Student Learning

Children who used Homer 15 minutes a day in a double blind research study scored higher than their peers in all subtests of the TOPEL (Test of Preschool Early Literacy).

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Built on the Common Core & Research by the National Reading Panel

Developed by Senior Advisors to the Common Core Standards and built on leading scientific research on how children learn to read, Learn with Homer is the most comprehensive foundational phonics-based reading system available on mobile and the web.

Homer and the Common Core

1000+ Lessons and Brain Games in One Place

The New York Times calls Learn with Homer “the most comprehensive” reading program for foundational reading on the market, and everything is in one place, saving valuable prep time.

Real-Time Student Data Tracking

Our classroom dashboard allows teachers to track real-time student progress through the program, identifying areas of struggle and strength.


“As a professor of education and the mother of a 3 1/2 year old daughter, I can say on two fronts that Learn with Homer is priceless in the development of early literacy. The team at Homer knows its pedagogy.”

Laura Q., Augusta, GA


Makes Differentiation Easier and Faster

Learn with Homer is easy for students to use with a teacher or on their own, allowing personalized one-on-one instruction to happen at the same time that small groups are working independently.

Internationally Recognized as a Leading Education System

Built by educators for educators, Homer has been recognized with a five-star rating from Common Sense Media and is the winner of two Teacher’s Choice Awards. A recent double blind study by the former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education proves Homer improves reading ability in children who use the program just 15 minutes per day.


“We love Homer! As a teacher who trained in reading and literacy, Homer is a fun, interactive, and effective learning tool that reinforces beginning reading skills. As a parent, I don't mind giving them a little extra screen time for a program like this because it's super high quality! The sounds, music, and graphics are very appealing and authentic.”

Nicole W., Mexico, NY